Referencing a Product/Database

ChemKnowledge® Help

Subscribers to the ChemKnowledge® System often ask how to reference the databases when publishing articles. The following formats should be used:

Referencing a Product/Database Within the ChemKnowledge® System
Referencing An Individual Document

When referring to the databases in newsletters, publicity, or promotional items, trademark and copyright protections should be used. A "trademark" designates any word, name, symbol, or device adopted and used by a manufacturer to identify his goods and distinguish them from those of others.

Trademarks should be used consistently as adjectives and printed in a manner distinguishing them from the surrounding text. Using all capital letters or a combination of print types consistently helps to identify trademarks. The symbols ® and are a form of notice and must be used in conjunction with the appropriate trademarks.

Examples of correct trademark usage are listed below:
  • INFOTEXT® Database
  • TOMES® System
  • TOMES Plus® System
  • REPRORISK® System
  • HAZARDTEXT™ Database
  • REPROTEXT® Database
  • MEDITEXT® Database
  • Fisher Scientific/ACROS Organics

For any database not included in the examples above, use the information provided in the Marks & Usage and ChemKnowledge® System: Description of Products and Databases to determine an appropriate trademark usage.