Login Information for the Knowledge Solutions OnLine™ Application

We have tried to anticipate your questions and provide answers below:

  1. I have forgotten my UserName and Password - how do I sign on?
    ANSWER: Click on the Forgot Password? link on the Registration Page. Input your email address and click Get Password and a new password will be sent to the email address you provided. Input your email address and new password on the Registration Page and access to your account will be immediately available.

  2. In the future will I have to sign in each time?
    ANSWER: Yes, and while we certainly do not mean to cause inconvenience to our users, this will provide better security for all.

  3. How can I make it easier for me?
    ANSWER: Users can save our URL (www.RightAnswerKnowledge.com) in a favorite place and then use their browser's autofill functionality to automatically fill in their UserName and password the next time they access the site.

  4. What's in it for me as the customer?
    ANSWER: Our customers have asked us to develop better ways to personalize/streamline the user interface, track database users and what they use - application registration will help us meet those objectives. Registration gives you control of your OnLine™ Application user experience:
    • Personalize your Home Page and Search View for faster access to the data you want to see
    • Customize the interface to contain your bookmarks, store documents you have chosen to compare, and prioritize your favorite databases
    • Provide greater administrative control and user security for your organization

  5. What if I lose or forget my password?
    ANSWER: You will be able to click on a "forgot password" link from the login page. A new password will be sent to the email address on file for the user.

  6. What if I need to change my email address or password?
    ANSWER: These options will be available from the Account Info->Change Password area of the site. Your password can be changed any time. The new password will be sent to the email address on file for the user as a confirmation. You may change your email address (and other registration data) at any time using the Account Info->User Info option.

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