Truven Healthcare Analytics, Inc. Editorial Process

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Producing Quality Documents

Delivering effective, reliable information resources requires in-depth research and examination to ensure accuracy, appropriateness, and usefulness. Information from Truven Healthcare Analytics, Inc. is unbiased, evidence-based, and undergoes an extensive editorial process, ensuring the most current and accurate data is presented. The Truven Healthcare Analytics, Inc. international editorial board comprises practicing professionals representing a wide range of specialties.

Evidence-Based, Unbiased Documents Written By Experts

Truven Healthcare Analytics, Inc. considers many factors when selecting subjects for inclusion in our databases. Topics chosen for further research are based on literature review of the world's healthcare journals, scientific journals, medical journals, customer requests, clinical judgment and recommendations, regulatory standards and compliance, national healthcare and environmental health and safety trends, FDA approvals, editorial board suggestions, and policy changes in health, disease, and chemical management from professional organizations.

Once chosen, topics are researched thoroughly through exhaustive literature searches of thousands of articles, medical and toxicology texts, manufacturer information, first-hand clinical experience of our editors, information from professional organizations and universities, FDA-approved package inserts, and other authoritative resources. The distinguished Truven Healthcare Analytics, Inc. staff of experts oversees development of our databases. Our editors are accomplished professionals representing a wide variety of specialty areas, including pediatrics, oncology, nutrition, nursing, home healthcare, emergency medicine, occupational medicine, toxicology, environmental health and safety, pharmacokinetics, pharmacoeconomics, and pharmacology.

Peer Reviewed By Experts, Including Members Of Our Worldwide Editorial Board Of Practicing Professionals

When the research and writing process is completed, documents are peer reviewed to ensure the information contained in Truven Healthcare Analytics, Inc. databases is accurate, reliable, and unbiased. After material is incorporated into the databases, all documents undergo an update cycle, which further ensures continued accuracy and relevance to current practice. Thousands of updates and revisions are made with each new release. While new information in continually added, older references are retained to provide a historical perspective of landmark trials.

Board Member Listing

The Truven Healthcare Analytics, Inc. editorial board comprises over 450 practicing clinicians, toxicologists, and environmental health and safety professionals from around the world. All of these individuals are recognized experts, and contribute greatly to the quality and expertise offered by Truven products. For a current listing of the Editorial Board members, please contact RightAnswer.