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• [Stepwise regression analysis on relationship between environmental exposure to pesticides and adverse pregnancy outcomes]
• A review article on placental transfer of pesticides.
• Adverse effects of agrochemicals on reproduction and health: a brief review from the literature.
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  1. USES: Lindane is an organochlorine insecticide most often used by topical application to treat body lice or scabies infestations, but has become second line treatment because safer, more effective agents have been developed.
  1. PHARMACOLOGY: Presumably it is a CNS stimulant in arthropods causing seizures and death.
  1. TOXICOLOGY: Lindane is believed to act as an indirect GABA antagonist, resulting in CNS stimulation and seizures.
  1. EPIDEMIOLOGY: Uncommon exposure that can result in significant morbidity and death, especially in children.
    1. MILD TO MODERATE TOXICITY: Vomiting, headache, nausea, dizziness, diarrhea, and tremor.
    1. SEVERE TOXICITY: Seizures, CNS depression, agitation, ataxia, hypotension, respiratory depression, metabolic acidosis, and coma. Children appear to be more susceptible to the toxic effects of lindane and more likely to manifest severe effects.
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